Save The Internet


Today is the day to give your opinion on the FCC’s new Net Neutrality plan! Today, hundreds of  people are gathering at the FCC to say NO to a recent plan that would destroy our ability to connect and communicate online — and they’re demanding that the agency move to protect real Net Neutrality.

Here is a link to a website that was created to showcase all of this activity and to help you get involved. Go to to take action and spread the word

  • If you haven’t already, call the FCC and Congress and demand that Chairman Tom Wheeler scrap his rules.
  • Tweet at members of Congress and urge them to stand up for real Net Neutrality.
  • Upload a Save the Internet profile picture on Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you have a website, add the “Save the Internet” banner or the “Stop the Slowdown” widget to your homepage.

All of these actions will send one clear message: The FCC’s proposed rules would enable a corporate takeover of the Internet.

We can’t let AT&T, Comcast and Verizon create a two-tiered Internet — with a fast lane for those who can afford it, and a dirt road for the rest of us. The onlyway to protect Internet users and preserve Net Neutrality is for the FCC to reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service.


* Update: The FCC has decided to move forward and has opened up the net neutrality rules for debate. For the next four months they will listen to comments on the net neutrality issue.
Here is a link to an article from the EFF discussing the news.


Is your website running slow? The FCC has a plan to fix that.

“Pay for faster connections”

A recent blog post from your FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries, discusses his plans for new “open” internet rules, rules that many people feel will allow content providers to buy faster internet connections possibly leading to preferred treatment or extra fees for certain content providers. To most this seems to go against the very idea of Net neutrality, ” the idea that companies should treat all internet traffic equally”. What do you think? Check out the following article for more information.


WordPress 3.9 “Smith”

Last month a new version of WordPress was released. If you haven’t updated yet, we recommend doing so and checking out some of the cool new features. Version 3.9 of WordPress, named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. Check out the video below for more info.

Information on Heartbleed

heartbleedYou may have heard the term Heartbleed in the news recently and may be wondering what exactly it is. Basically, Heartbleed is a widespread vulnerability resulting from an error in the OpenSSL toolkit. We became aware this issue when it was announced and within a couple of hours processed the security update for our servers. For those looking for a bit more information on Heartbleed, please visit

The Fruitful WordPress Theme

features-responsiveAs we notice new WordPress themes we always try to pass along any that catch our eye. Today we wanted to find a theme that was very clean in design, but also allowed for a good amount of customization if needed. That’s exactly what the team at Fruitfulcode has done with their free WordPress theme Fruitful. Not only have they created a great WordPress theme, they have also compiled a robust list of write ups that will help guide you while creating your website. So enjoy it, and as always, let us know your thoughts.

Download Fruitful
How to use Fruitful


WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

Just in case you haven’t updated your WordPress site to the recent version, here it is!

Version 3.8 of WordPress, named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker, bebop innovator, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. Check out all the info here.


Updated Features Include:

Modern aesthetic

The new WordPress dashboard has a fresh, uncluttered design that embraces clarity and simplicity.

Clean typography

The Open Sans typeface provides simple, friendly text that is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. It’s even open source, just like WordPress.

Refined contrast

We think beautiful design should never sacrifice legibility. With superior contrast and large, comfortable type, the new design is easy to read and a pleasure to navigate.

High definition at high speed

WordPress is sharper than ever with new vector-based icons that scale to your screen. By ditching pixels, pages load significantly faster, too.

Smoother widget experience

Drag-drag-drag. Scroll-scroll-scroll. Widget management can be complicated. With the new design, we’ve worked to streamline the widgets screen.

Have a large monitor? Multiple widget areas stack side-by-side to use the available space. Using a tablet? Just tap a widget to add it.

Turn your blog into a magazine

Create a beautiful magazine-style site with WordPress and Twenty Fourteen. Choose a grid or a slider to display featured content on your homepage. Customize your site with three widget areas or change your layout with two page templates.

Happy Holidays From TierraNet

The holidays are upon us and, as we have every year, TierraNet has managed to generate a fairly large collection of toys to donate to the Toys For Tots program. This year, to share some of the excitement, we decided to create a video montage of the collection and some of the Holiday spirit we’ve seen in the office. Here it is! Watch it, share it, and, most importantly, feel free to donate to the Toys For Tots program while there is still time!  Happy holidays to everyone!

Donate to Toys for Tots.

Toys For Tots and TierraNet


So it’s that time of year again, and as we do every year, TierraNet is collecting a whole bunch of new, unwrapped toys to deliver to the Toys for Tots program at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar! The goal, help the less fortunate children in the community and deliver a message of hope during the holiday season. As we get closer to the end of the month we will share how we have done this year. Stay tuned, and we encourage you to participate with your local Toys For Tots program, or donate online through their website.

Make a Toys For Tots donation.